Kansas City Chiefs WR Kadarius Toney was clearly offsides. It was the right call. The referees did their job. It was an obvious flag.

The whining and complaining by Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs needs to stop. The eye in the sky doesn’t lie.

Mahomes complaining about the penalty and that the fans want to see the players decide the game is laughable after what happened in last year’s Super Bowl.

The call against Eagles CB James Bradberry basically decided the Super Bowl in the Chiefs favor last year.

Toney offsides. It’s the correct call. Mahomes and Reid look like a bunch of crybabies over this. This is not a good look for their organization.

Enough about the referees. Every week on social media, refs are blamed by every team for losses or perceived missed calls.

Photo courtsey of Ari Meirov – Twitter/X


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