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Chiefs & Tyreek Hill Working On Trade

Written by Seth Lockard

It looks like Tyreek Hill has most likely played his last game as a Kansas City Chief.

It’s being reported that the Kansas City Chiefs have given Tyreek Hill’s camp permission to seek out a trade after contract extension talks have stalled over the last couple weeks.


It’s looking like the Jets and Dolphins have been named as the frontrunners to get a deal done with the Chiefs for Hill.

Nobody could have expected this one at all. Just as I thought the Chiefs would be ready for revenge to get back to another Super Bowl, this will truly deny them that opportunity especially with their division starting to become one of the best divisions in all of football with all of the new acquisitions from other teams.

It seems like this is no rumor and WILL HAPPEN, all we can wait for now is when and who will be acquiring Tyreek Hill.

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