Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews are an awesome couple and some people have called them the ‘perfect couple’ until now. Brittany is what some would say, loud & annoying and people seem to not want to listen to anything she has to say and Patrick? He is down to earth and just calm compared to the two. And everyone loves him.

They seem like complete opposites and so far it has worked out.

People might not like listening to her, however they surely enjoy checking out Brittany as she does have some awesome looks.

And now? Patrick is heading to the Super Bowl, again! But this time he is going up against an Eagles team that is red hot and has been incredible on both sides of the ball. These two are a powerhouse of a couple.

But do you think this couple will last? Especially with Patrick cheating? Yup! You heard that right Patrick Mahomes cheated.

Within the last couple of years however, a video populated on YouTube of Brittany catching her husband cheating! At a game of golf.

You can see in the video below of her accusing him several times of cheating and of course he denied it.

Check the video out below!


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