Chiefs Chris Jones was flagged for “disturbing language”

On the final drive of the game for the Indianapolis Colts, it appeared their fate had been sealed. However, a costly penalty by Kansas City Chiefs DT Chris Jones kept the drive and the Colts hopes alive.

Facing a third-and-six with 5:06 left in the fourth quarter and down 17-13, Colts QB Matt Ryan was sacked by Chiefs LB Nick Bolton. Even though there was five minutes left, this likely ended what would have been the Colts final chance a comeback.

However, a penalty flag was thrown after the play was over. The penalty was for unsportsmanlike conduct on Kansas City’s All-Pro DT Chris Jones. Video review showed that the flag was thrown after Jones had exchanged words with Ryan after the play. The result of the penalty was 15 yards, and more importantly, an automatic first down for Indianapolis.

More details inevitably are emerging regarding whatever Chiefs DT Chris Jones said to Colts QB Matt Ryan to draw a flag that extended a drive.

Per a league source, the post-game report from referee Shawn Smith said that Jones used “disturbing language,” and that there is “no place in professional football” for it.

Smith penalized Jones for unsportsmanlike conduct. The source says that Smith, in hindsight, believes he also should have referenced taunting. It’s hard to understand how it was taunting and/or unsportsmanlike conduct without knowing what Jones said and he is not revealing what he said.

Kansas City Chiefs DT Chris Jones. Photo courtsey of

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