Chicago Bulls Center Andre Drummond Quits Social Media to Take Care of His Mental Health

Former NBA all-star Andre Drummond is quitting social media for now to focus on his mental health. He made a heartfelt announcement on Twitter to his fans and also stated that he will change his phone number to completely block out all the noise around him.

The Chicago Bulls backup center is averaging 6.1 PPG and 6.7 RPG in over 60 appearances this season, all career lows. The 29 year old hinted that he was dealing stuff off the court last year when he surprisingly became an advocate for mental health awareness for the National Basketball Players Association. 

Early in his career, Drummond was a two-time all-star in Detroit and led the league in rebounds per game for four seasons. After his stint with the Pistons, he has since bounced around the league and has played for the Cavaliers, Lakers, Sixers, Nets and the Bulls.

An old school big man, Drummond’s style of play suffered badly when the NBA game transitioned into a three point friendly league, with taller players expected to extend their range to create more space for a dynamic offense. 

Let’s hope that Andre gets the help that he needs as social media can be a real menace if we let it take over our daily lives. 

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