Chicago Bears told Mahomes Sr. they would draft Mahomes over Trubisky

It’s been almost six years since the Bears traded up and selected Mitch Trubisky. Six years, and I’m still hearing about the Bears passing on Mahomes. I’m sick of it.

I’d just like to remind everyone that the Bengals chose John Ross the pick before Mahomes was selected because he could run fast. No one talks about that. Mitch took the Bears to the playoffs. John Ross never did shit in the league. With Mahomes falling to 10, I’m sure only the Bears passed on him right? That’s all I hear so that must be the case.

The fact that Ryan Pace pulled this bullshit on us sums up his time in Chicago. He told Patrick’s father he would draft him and just didn’t. He also said he was committed to bringing this franchise to success so I guess we couldn’t trust anything this guy said.

I also would like to just say that I wouldn’t want Mahomes anyways, I’m comfortable just losing games and having no expectations and not being disappointed. If Justin Fields did what Mahomes did last night, fumbling on a wind up I would just crumble over and die. So, Kansas City, thanks for taking that added stress away from me. I work in the morning I can’t stay up late watching a Super Bowl contending team on a Thursday night in November.

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