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Chicago Bears Justin Fields Out For Season? Nick Foles To Be QB1?

Injuries have run rampant during the 2021 NFL season. Whether short term or or season ending, there has been no shortage of injuries this year.

The most recent team to be impacted by an injury of one of its star players is none other than roomie sensation quarterback Justin Fields of the Chicago Bears.

Fields had already missed a few games recently and returned to play at Lambeau Field last night in a hard fought loss to the Green Bay Packers. After the game, Fields needed to have his non-throwing hand. As of right now, results from the x-Ray have not been released to the public. With Andy Dalton also out with an injury, is possible that Nick Foles could get the start? While the Bears playoff hopes are certainly not great, Nick Foles knows better than anyone how to create some December magic in the NFL.

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