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Chicago Bears Ink New Deal With Quarterback; Does Justin Fields Have New Competition?

Written by Chris Powers

The 2021 off-season primary storyline has been “quarterback controversy.” Another season we’re by there was more quarterback controversy than this year for sure. Seems like many things throughout the NFL or not quite certain as to who they’re starting quarterback will be calm week one. The same rings true for the Chicago Bears.

Earlier today, it was announced that the Chicago Bears have come to terms with Justin fields on the siding his rookie contract. Fields signed a 4 year deal worth $18.8 million.

But the question remains? Will Justin Fields be the one starting for the Bears come week one? Or will it be Andy Dalton? Chicago’s head coach Matt Nagy couldn’t give a straight answer when asked. When asked if Fields would get the opportunity to start sooner than later, this was his response.

“We’ll know it when we see it. He done a really good job at just trying to digest everything we’re teaching in this offense right now,” Nagy said. “The one thing you learn with Justin is that he does everything really well in a group setting. He listens. He observes Andy, Nick, coach Flip, Bill Lazor, myself when we are in there. But when you have one-on-one conversations with him, sometimes those settings are easier, and you can be a little more specific with him — you really see him open up.”

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