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Chef Curry Fails to Cook Up Late Game Magic in 3-Point Contest

Written by Brad Shepard

Odds-on favorite Steph Curry put in a strong performance in the 3-point contest during NBA All-Star Weekend, but he was ultimately upset by sleeper pick Joe Harris, of the Brooklyn Nets.

Curry knocked back 27 in the first round, including 10 straight baskets, and looked like the heavy favorite to win early on.

Harris kept pace, knocking back 25 in the first round himself, including 8 straight baskets.

The two would eventually meet in the championship round, where Harris had an impressive 26 points.

With it all on the line, Chef Curry was unable to cook up any late contest magic, ending with 24 points amidst a surprised crowd in Charlotte.

Curry has been exceptional from the three-point line all season, shooting 44.4%.  While the bulk of the media attention on three-point shooting has been focused on Curry, Harris is quietly shooting a ridiculous 47.1% from the three-point line this season with a team that is barely above .500.

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