Check Out These INSANE Stats About the NBA

Written by mrbillylocks

I stumbled upon this TikTok last night that had me blown away. Here are some of the stats this guy pointed out. You will probably have a hard time believing them.

BTW these are totally and completely fact checked… if you count a random guys TikTok as a legitimate source… enjoy!

Nikola Jokic has more career triple doubles than Michael Jordan.

That’s your GOAT?? Cmon.

Every NBA Finals has featured a player that played for the Knicks at some point in their career.

Do the New York Knicks breed champions?? Sounds like it.

No NBA team has the letter F anywhere in their name.

In defense, letter F names aren’t the most intimidating. After looking up some suggestions I got Fire Ants? Fighters? Fishermen? Foxes? Flying Squirrels? Ok maybe that one would be cool.

Lonzo Ball has more songs on Spotify than NBA free throws made last season.

Ok now this one is just hilarious. Wonder what Lavar has to say about this.

Vince Carter has played with or against 37% of the players who have ever played in the NBA.

MORE than 1 out of every 3 players to ever play?? That dude is OLLLDDDD

James Harden has made more free throws than field goals in his NBA career.

This is shocking to say, but when you think about it, kind of makes sense.

Every finals since 1985 has featured a former, present, or future teammate of Shaq.

Shaq has made it around the league more than the Kardashian’s.


Which one was the craziest stat? Let me know what I should add in part 2! #fyp #trending #basketball #nba

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