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Where to watch the ‘Greatest Spectacle in Racing’ as it is hosted behind closed doors for the first time. Watch free

The Indianapolis 500, which is also called Indy 500 in colloquial tongue is one of the three most prestigious motorsport events, along with Monaco GP and Le Mans.

This will be the 109th year since the inception of this great race which has seen countless greats grace the track.

It was initiated in 1911 and 2011 was celebrated as its centenary year.

Traditionally, the race is scheduled on or around Memorial Day which is in the month of May. This year, the race was initially supposed to be held on May 24,  however, the coronavirus pandemic squandered those plans. Traditionally, Monaco GP is also held around the same time.

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Indy 500 Live Streaming Reddit Coverage Indianapolis 500

This will be the first Indy 500 without the presence of fans inside the venue. The enormous venue and the grand occasion of ‘the greatest spectacle in racing’ will certainly miss the physical presence of the motorsport enthusiasts but desperate times call for unforeseen measures such as these.

The hundreds of thousands of fans who were excited to catch the action from the venue and many more worldwide will now have to make do with watching their beloved race on TV or Mobile devices.

Indy 500 Live Stream Reddit

There are many nations where the event won’t be televised. There’s no need for the fans residing in such countries to get disheartened.

Reddit users will be able to stream the race with a decently functioning internet connection. Searching with appropriate keywords regarding Indianapolis 500 will provide the user with subreddits. The user needs to browse them and find out functioning subreddits with working streams. Once the user finds a link of the stream, he/she can enjoy the race on Reddit.

It is essential to have an account on Reddit before one can access the site. The account can be created easily and free of any cost.

Note: Reddit is a free platform to get links to the fight, Only use official links to the event, We are not responsible for any illegal links or streams, take this as an information-gathering article. Also, read the disclaimer below.

Where to watch in the US?

The NBC network will be broadcasting the race on TV. The ones who have NBC Sports App can live stream the event. It can also be watched by live streaming it on  The NBC Sports Gold offers various packs according to the sports where the subscribers can choose their desired packs and they can catch all the action of the concerned sports throughout the year.

Where to watch in the UK?

Sky Network has the rights of broadcast for the event in the UK. Sky Sports F1 and Sky Sports Main Event will be broadcasting the legendary 500-mile race. Sky Sports has a monthly subscription rate of 19.99 USD and an annual subscription rate of 99.99 USD.

Where to watch in Canada?

TSN will be broadcasting the race in Canada. Fox Sports is another channel where Canadians can watch the event. The Fox Sports digital subscription is prepaid and comes for a $4.99 per month.

Where to watch in Spain?

Sky Sports Network is available in Spain and they can catch the race on that Network. Fox Sports also remains an option for the Spanish race enthusiasts.

Where to watch it in France?

Canal Plus is the official IndyCar racing events streaming channel in France. Sky Sports is another viable option.

Where to watch it in Germany?

ESPN Network will be broadcasting the race in Germany.

Spectacle at the times of Pandemic:

It’s the first time that the race will be held on a date, which is not around the traditional memorial day date. Compromised situations must be adopted given the extent of risk there still is. Safety and health of the drivers and others involving staff and organizers are certainly of prime importance. It was announced that the race will be held without spectators on August 4. The number of seats available at the venue is more than two hundred and fifty thousand. The facility remains the largest motorsport facility in terms of seating capacity. It is so big that it is said to be able to fit The Colosseum and the Yankees Stadium would fit into it and it’ll still have space left in it!

The tradition and history behind it:

This hugely traditional and popular race has its own customs that are unique and thus, draw great interest from motorsport enthusiasts all over the world. One of such customs is the offering of milk! The winners of the race are provided with a bottle of milk only because of tradition! Modern-day drivers are being offered a choice of milk which varies from whole to skim to 2%.

The track is known as brickyard as the track surface was paved by it. The racetrack still flaunts a yard of exposed brick at the starting line. It also used to be part of the F1 World Champions from 1950-1960.

To qualify in the Indianapolis 500, four times laps are necessary. The aggregate of these four laps is taken as the car’s time and qualification is based on this time.

Only the two world wars have managed to put the event on hiatus. It was canceled from 1917-1918 due to the first world war and 1942 to 1945 due to the second world war.

The event- Indianapolis 500 is held on a circuit that is 2.5 miles or 4 km. To complete the race, the participants need to complete the 500 miles, thus completing 200 laps of the circuit.

The uniqueness:

The racing event generally has 33 participants. The cars for this race are special. They are called ‘Indy cars’. Honda and Chevrolet are the only two companies that provide engines for the event and Firestone is currently the sole supplier of tires.

Although there are other IndyCar events as well, this one tops the bill. It’s the most famous IndyCar event in the world and it also offers one of the highest prize sums.

There are interesting rules regarding rain as well in this competition. The organizers won’t host the race if the track is wet due to rain and can even bring the race to an early close if 101 laps have been completed, in case rain begins midrace.

Simon Pagenaud was the winner in 2019. A.J Foyt Jr. has the most number of starts to his name in this competition, with 35. He has also won the race four times!

2 hours 40 minutes and 3.4181 seconds remains the record time of completion of the race. The record was made on March, 26 2013.

For many years, the event boasts of rich pre-race and post-race ceremonies. Rendition of ‘Back Home Again in Indiana’ has been customary since 1946 and continues to this day before the start of the race.

Racers of the very highest orders will be competing in this year’s Indianapolis 500, such as current champion Simon Pagenaud, Will Power, Helio Castroneves, Fernando Alonso , Scott Dixon at Marco Andretti.

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