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Chase Claypool Made a First Down Celebration at the Worst Possible Time (Video) #Steelers #TNF

Written by Nate

Quite possibly the worst possible time to do a celebration in that stage of a football game.

On literally the last drive of an entertaining Thursday Night Football game against the Minnesota Vikings, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Chase Claypool made a catch for the first down inside Vikings territory.

Unfortunately, there were problems on that play. It was on fourth down, Pittsburgh had only 36 seconds left in the game and they had no timeouts.

Claypool’s celebration may have been the key mistake that costed Pittsburgh their game Thursday night, as they eventually lost to the Vikings, 36-28.

Guess there is no such thing as clock management anymore. Just want to impress everyone and get more followers on social media with that celebration. Can’t imagine what that locker room will be like after seeing that play in that loss.

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