Chase Claypool “Bad loss, but the Browns are gonna get clapped next week. So all good”

Written by Will

What a bum. Chase Claypool and the Steelers just lost to their division rival in the playoffs and this is how you respond? You just got sent home, for good. Season is over. The Steelers just lost five out of last six to end the season but “it’s all good” right? The Steelers will NEVER learn. They have become so annoying this year, between JuJu and the dancing, beating crappy teams and acting like you’re great, and now this. Get the hell out of here with that. You should be pissed the Browns are still playing. Also, Chase, is this you?

Exactly why I love the Browns talking all of this shit. The Steelers deserve it. The Steelers are becoming the most annoying team in the league.

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