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Charlotte Flair Is NOT Pregnant, Medical Update On WWE Raw

Just a hunch: WWE programming is going to be picking up big time in the next two weeks. Not only do we have the memorable Money in the Bank pay-per-view coming up, but there’s more! There’s always more. We just saw the return of Eva Marie, Edge, and Zelina Vega in recent weeks. Oh, and don’t worry – there are MUCH BIGGER names that have been rumored, so stay tuned. That is not all though. We are getting fans back in the stands. WWE is touring again, starting next weekend with Friday Night Smackdown and then from that point forward…

…oh, it will be great.

I think that excitement continues tonight on WWE Raw. Live at 7pm on USA Network (Wisconsin time of course). As part of the preview, we had this little gem about Charlotte Flair:

After picking up a win over Mandy Rose as part of a Six-Woman Tag Team Match last week, Charlotte Flair’s celebration was cut short in a hurry courtesy of Raw Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley.

The Nightmare doled out a vicious chop block on The Queen, and as a result, Flair has requested time this Monday on Raw to provide the WWE Universe with a medical update on her condition after the attack.

Find out what The Queen has to say live this Monday on Raw at 8/7 C on USA Network!

Kinda interesting…but whenever WWE likes to hype up a female star giving a ‘medical update,’ you immediately tend to think about a potential pregnancy. Becky Lynch last year and Lacey Evans earlier this year. Especially from Charlotte Flair who reportedly received a false flag from WWE doctors a couple of months ago on the same issue. It does make you pause and think, as she has a loving relationship with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star Andrade.

As usual though, has come through in the clutch! Great, reliable source for the past year or two has completely overshadowed every other outlet in getting those ‘scoops.’ They are stating that tonight’s announcement is strictly story line driven. There is nothing going on. This is just WWE wanting to further the feud between Charlotte Flair and the RAW Womens Champion, Rhea Ripley. Works for me.

On a quick tangent, this feels like the end of the Rhea/Flair saga. At least for now. Will Rhea escape this feud with the title or does Charlotte FINALLY regain her throne as The Queen on top of the women’s division? Time will tell. I hope Rhea wins and moves forward, but you never know with WWE sometimes. Either way, that is at Money in the Bank. Tonight is when we get the big medical update from Charlotte Flair…wooo!!!

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