Charlotte Flair Has Sold Just One WWE Cameo Video; Alexa Bliss & Rhea Ripley Already Sold Out @MsCharlotteWWE

Written by jwatry

WWE is currently running yet another special deal through Cameo with the idea of promoting this weekend’s HIAC pay-per-view event. They did this back in November with The Undertaker to hype up his big Final Farewell appearance. They also did something similar earlier this year. For fans that recall, the company put a stop to most of its’ superstars doing this kind of thing on their own. However, the company made the deal through Cameo officially and have then begun to have the roster do videos that way.


Yes, it is WWE taking a slice of the pie, but as long as the guys/gals are using trademarked names and likeness and all that jazz, you see the argument. Either way, that is a total tangent herre. Let’s re-focus back to Cameo. As I have mentioned before, my brother in law got me one last year for my birthday from the one and one Mick Foley. It really was super cool. Here it is, from my personal Youtube page:

WWE Mick Foley Happy Birthday Message! – YouTube

Amazing, right? I loved it, and Mick really put a lot of effort into it.

Thus, I can see the appeal to getting stars do make a Cameo video. With this latest promotion, the usual suspects are already selling out of the limited numbers available. Alexa Bliss has already sold out of hers, as has Rhea Ripley. Meanwhile, Shawn Michaels is one away from his ten available from selling out. All priced differently. However, one major name stuck out like a sore thumb.

Shout out to NoDQ.com for posting a little blurb on this first.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Charlotte Flair had sold ZERO of her ten available. Yep, none.

Checking in right before posting this late Wednesday night, she picked up one Cameo out of the ten available. Nine remain folks! You could argue it is the price tag on hers, but that doesn’t fly here. Bliss has hers listed at $600 per video. Charlotte’s is at $350 – the same as Rhea Ripley’s. Yet, Rhea sold all ten of hers…while Charlotte has obviously not. Yikes. Not a good look for the so called Queen and likely future RAW Womens Champion.

My opinion? I don’t get the Charlotte Flair hate. This will clearly add fuel to the ‘hater fire.’ I don’t know why she catches all the flak she does. I’m a big fan and have watched many classic throughout the past few years. Probably because of her last name being Flair. However, we are beyond that if you ask me. She has proven her Hall of Fame worth repeatedly. I even wrote a column back in 2018 saying that she was unsung hero of the company for that entire calendar. She is THAT good ladies and gentlemen. Whether her last name was Flair or Smith or Barkley or whatever.

Let’s hope those Cameo numbers turn around quickly before the pay-per-view this Sunday. I mean it’s not like the male superstars are selling many of theirs either…yikes…

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