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Charlie Morgan Accuses Saraya Knight Of Abuse #SpeakingOut

Written by Shannon Walsh

Retired pro wrestler Charlie Morgan shared her story today as part of the #SpeakingOut movement. She was trained by The Knight Family in 2011 at their WAW school and wrestling company in the United Kingdom. She claims to have witnessed head trainer Saraya Knight take various liberties on trainees which disturbingly crossed the line.

Morgan alleges that students were made to get in the ring and they were beaten down by Knight and others as a way of toughening them up to show aggression. She said Knight would also “shoot” on women during matches. When students questioned the tactics, Knight allegedly told them it was because she “felt like it” or she wanted to take out her own aggressions on others.

She goes on to say three female indie workers had future tryouts with WWE. A member of the Knight Family allegedly asked the women to join them in a sexual encounter. When the women refused, one of the wrestlers was then suddenly notified that their WWE tryout was cancelled. When questioned on the tryout getting revoked, the Knights said it was due to the woman having a reputation of being promiscuous.

Morgan is openly a member of the LGBTQ Community. She said if the Knights founds out that someone was a member of the community, they would mock them and threaten to “out them” if they weren’t open about it.

These are just a few infamous stories about the Knight Family. For decades, wrestlers and other promoters have been afraid to speak out against them out of fear of being assaulted and blacklisted, or getting their own wrestling events sabotaged in retaliation. Saraya Knight has had the reputation of being “The Fabulous Moolah of the U.K.”

Morgan retired at Pro-Wrestling EVE’s “Wrestle Queendom 2” event in London, U.K on 6/30/19. She suffered a career ending injury at SHIMMER 112 on 3/31/20 in Berwyn, Illinois as she and Kris Wolf defeated Charli Evans and Jessica Troy. 

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