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Charles Woodson slams Aaron Rodgers

Written by Tony Ghaul

FOX Sports Analyst Charles Woodson calls out Aaron Rodgers for throwing Packers teammates under bus.

The Green Bay Packers are having a nightmare season in 2022. After starting the season 3 – 1, they have lost three straight games already. There are many problems on the team right now, and that includes QB Aaron Rodgers.

Woodson slammed Aaron Rodgers’ leadership of the team. Woodson, a former teammate of Rodgers, implored the quarterback to take more accountability. Woodson also criticized Rodgers’ tendency to throw his teammates under the bus.

The Packers QB had some harsh words for his teammates on the Pat McAfee show. Rodgers even went ahead and publicly called for the erring players to get their reps cut for the season. It’s certainly a bad look coming from the quarterback of the team.

Rodgers has not been playing up to par as of late. There have been times during games when the Packers QB looks like he’s regressed a bit.

Charles Woodson (#21,) a Super Bowl teammate of Aaron Rodgers (#12). Photo courtsey of Icon Sports Wire via Getty Images

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