Charles Oliveria vs Justin Gaethje is on

What a time to be a fight fan. The UFC just booked yet another barnburner, as Charles Oliveria will seek to defend his lightweight belt against Justin Gaethje at UFC 274 in May. And if you haven’t looked, the upcoming fight calendar is absolutely stacked. We’ll see Adesanya/Rob, Covington/Masvidal, Volk/TKZ, and now Charles/Dustin before the calendar even strikes June. I’m not gonna sleep for five months.

This fight’s gonna rule. I think that’s the safest UFC bet all year. Look at Charles’ last few fights. Charles/Dustin, awesome, Charles/ Chander, fire. And on the other side, you’ll have Justin Gaethje who said the record for most post-fight bonus money like 3 fights into his UFC career. Even if he wins, I don’t think he’s satisfied unless he gets his brain bashed in prior to getting his hand raised.

The odds are listing Gaethje as the slight underdog, and honestly, I like him to win this fight. For as talented as Charles is, he tends to get hit a pretty good amount. Chandler dropped him, and Dustin pieced him up in the first round, and I really don’t know if his chin will be able to hold up to Dustin’s power.

All I know is I wanna see Connor fight the winner. Let him cut the line, who cares.

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