Charles Barkley With Another Stupid Quote: ‘I Root Against All Superteams’

Charles Barkley is not a fan of NBA super teams.

During a conference call to promote the American Century Championship golf tournament, he had a few interesting quotes but one stuck out:

“…but I’m not a fan of superteams…I’m rooting against those guys. I root against all superteams.”

The particular quote was about Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets who are currently winning a series over the Milwaukee Bucks, up 2-1 as we speak. One could argue that the Nets are the odds on favorites right now, obviously led by the power trio of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, James Harden (whenever the clown actually plays), Blake Griffin and whoever else they signed to sit on the bench. For now, the actual team and players are irrelevant.

Barkley went into it all a little more but again, the above quote is enough. He doesn’t like super teams and thinks it is bad for the league, as evidenced by what happened to the Toronto Raptors when Kawhi Leonard left or the Cleveland Cavaliers when Kyrie Irving and Lebron James left town. The stars left, so they’re done as contenders. I get it. I understand it. I tend to agree with a little bit of his opinion.

Here is where I differ with him. Now remember the last time I covered a Charles Barkley quote it was him spouting off that NBA players and other athletes should receive the Covid-19 vaccine before others. A ridiculous take but whatever, we can move on.

Let’s start with the obvious: CHARLES BARKLEY PLAYED FOR A SUPERTEAM! Yep, you may forget it because he never did get that illustrious championship ring, but Sir Charles was a part of an NBA superteam. The very thing he is supposedly against so much. I could make the case he was on TWO superteams, but it is not worth the time to break it all down. Phoenix Suns? Houston Rockets? Yeah, pretty dominant teams I’d say with a loaded roster. The best part of his hypocrisy is later on in the conference call he claims he would have joined a superteam during his career if he had known he would never get a ring and be mocked for it decades later. Understandable regret I suppose…but still, he was on a superteam and fell short.

The next ridiculous part of his quote is something I have harped on before. I even made a Youtube video on the subject months back. Here, look for yourself:

That is me yapping about NBA superteams for four minutes. Basically, it all boils down to this: ALL NBA CHAMPIONS ARE SUPERTEAMS! Look at the old school Boston Celtics. Look at the classic Los Angeles Lakers. Look at the Chicago Bulls during the 1990’s (needed to finally get those six rings). Look at those bad boy Detroit Piston. Look at the Houston Rockets when Michael Jordan was playing baseball. Look at the Kobe Bryant/Shaq Lakers. Look at the loaded Spurs. Seriously, all of these could be considered the dreaded ‘superteams.’ You need stars to win. You just do. Such a ludicrous idea that has overtaken the league for the past decade. It has ALWAYS been there. Sorry, but it’s true.

Last but not least, I will say this: I agree with Barkley specifically about the Brooklyn Nets. James Harden is a clown. We all know that. If there is anybody right now trying to latch onto a superteam for a ring, it’s him. Over rated clown in Houston, cried his way out of town, and now he will baby his way towards an NBA Finals. Irving is good on the court but another clown off the court. Just Google his name and read some of his lovely highly sophisticated quotes about the world. A clown. Durant is alright, but I think some folks still don’t like him jumping to a 73-9 team to get his first ring. Blake is old and another ring chaser, but at least he seems to be aware of it. I can respect that. Bottom line: I agree with those rooting against the Nets. Heck, I live in Wisconsin. Clearly, I would prefer a deep playoff run for the Bucks and NOT the Nets. 

 There are plenty of reasons to hate the Nets this season. Sorry Chuck but doing so because they’re a superteam is not one of those reasons…

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