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Charles Barkley Went On Draymond Green’s Podcast and Said TNT Almost Signed Kobe Bryant To Inside The NBA

Written by Tyler Walerius

Charles Barkley went on Draymond Green’s podcast on Colin Cowherd’s social platform “The Volume” and said that TNT was close to adding Kobe Bryant to Inside The NBA.

Two things- When the hell did Draymond Green start a podcast? Also, if Chuck is telling the truth, this would’ve been absolutely incredible. That’s just a fact. Adding Kobe in the mix of Chuck and Shaq’s shenanigans would have made Inside The NBA even more entertaining and TV gold. Inside is already the best sports show on TV and often more entertaining than the actual games, but the dynamic between these three would’ve been must watch TV.

Kobe actually signed with TNT but it sounds like he just wanted to do the Inside The NBA show every Thursday night, not the other promotions and radio appearances to promote the show throughout the week.

Chuck said Kobe didn’t want to do the other bullshit, can you blame him? The man basically lived in the gym his entire life so he could snatch the souls out of every poor guy that had to try to D him up. Kobe obviously didn’t want to spend his retirement promoting a TV show every day and “All the other bullshit” that came with it.

RIP to the Black Mamba, truly one of a kind.

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