Charlamagne Tha God Should be Arrested After He Asked Danny Green this Question @cthagod

Notorious radio host personality of ‘The Breakfast Club’ Charlamagne The God asked a bizarre and totally random question to Danny Green. This interview is seven years old but it has been brought back to the light and it just the weirdest and random question ever he asked Green: “is Tim Duncan bisexual” and you maybe saying that is weird but what was the context, the previous question was asking Danny where was he from in New York. Here is the clip:

Now I personally have never heard the rumors of Tim Duncan being ‘bisexual’ and quite frankly I do not believe there is any rumors of that and Charlamagne is simply coming up with those on his own. I know he is none as a very controversial personality and I guess that is his shtick but this was just bizarre. Another Twitter user found this clip of a question he asked Logic and when I tell you he should be thrown in jail…just watch it for yourself.

The restraint Logic showed should have won him a Nobel Peace Prize or something because I do not know if I could have gracefully moved on to the next question. The question I would bring up is does Charlamagne have that much pull and that big of a fanbase where he has not been kicked off of the show? I mean who is he? Like what is he known for outside of this show? Anyways he is wild. The audacity he has and his shtick is not even remotely funny, the best thing I can associate him with is the Birdman interview because that was legendary and they only thing he had to do with it was he was simply just in the room with him.

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