Chance The Rapper’s Live Concerts From Home Have Been Amazing #ForTheRideThere @chancetherapper

Written by schultzyca

This COVID-19 period has been very depressing in many respects with life as we know it changing and us having to readjust to this ‘new normal’ whether we like it or not. With that being said we aren’t really able to have live concerts because of social distancing and what not but that has not stopped musicians and artists a like. One of those artist being Grammy Award winner Chance the Rapper who has put on some great ‘concerts from home’ during quarantine one of those being at the Ralph Lauren store in his hometown of Chicago Illinois and this one taking place on the app ‘Triller’ and man did Chano not disappoint. If you missed the concert you can watch it here:

Aside from Chance being a top-tier performer he is so unique because he performs each song so much differently than they are recorded. It is just so different from other artists. No doubt I have been a huge Chance the Rapper fan since the ‘Acid Rap’ days when I was in 8th grade. Hell I even have a ‘3’ tattoo in honor of Coloring Book one of my favorite music projects of all time.

To see Chance rise to the top from where he started off has been a heck of a ride and I am so proud of him. His music has definitely helped me out a lot in life and has brought me a lot of joy. I remember being in highschool and telling everyone that would listen that Chance was going to blow up one day and then when Coloring Book dropped a lot of people told me I was right and Chance was one of their favorite artists. Seeing Chance take on the music industry with him being independent and not having a label has been super inspiring as well. I appreciate him so much I don’t know if he even realizes what he means to a lot of people out their. This concert was just so awesome.

Thank you Chance for doing these concerts and helping everyone through these unusual times. Thank you Chano really. Here is a montage and highlights of some of the best moments of his concerts (according to Twitter).

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