Chad Ochocinco Rode a Bull and Explains Why Bull Riders Should Be the Highest Paid Athletes

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No background information really needed–– you all know Chad Ochocinco. Former NFL star wide receiver has always captivated fans with his on and off field theatrics and has a strong following on his social media platforms. 

The man loved being on camera and for about four years, whether you hated or loved the guy, he was on your television. 

Ochocinco seems to want to do “it” all and puts his money where his mouth is. That kind of mentality is hard to come by these days, it feels. The former NFL star traded in the football cleats for soccer cleats and now currently plays for Boca Raton FC. The man is extremely athletic and has the heart to try just about anything.

But in 2011, Ochocinco told reporters that he saw something about bull riding on his television and said he wanted to try it. PBR hooked it up and jumped at the opportunity by assigning, ProRodeo Hall of Famer and current color commentator, Ty Murray, as his coach. 

The whole experience was documented by PBR and makes for a very cool video. Whether you are a fan of bull riding or not, this video is entertaining and should be watched. 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0pjxb7ZDgM]

He may have only lasted a second, but you have to admit that’s still impressive and takes some serious balls to just “try out” a sport that involves riding a 2,000 lb animal that wants nothing more than to toss you into orbit or stomp your soul out on the ground. 

After the ride, Ty Murray told Ochocinco,

“You got forty bull riders that do this everyday for a living and every one of them has come up to me and said they can’t believe your guts. I’m proud of you.” 

A pretty serious compliment coming from modern-day gladiators.

As you can see in that video, Ochocinco got incredibly lucky when the bull stomped in-between his legs and then up and over his torso narrowly missing his vital organs. I’m sure he counted his blessings that night.

In the post-interview, a still trembling Ochocinco had this to say about PBR and the sport of Bull Riding,

“For all of you [bull riders] that do this sport for a living, man, That put their life on the line. I don’t understand. Y’all should be the highest paid athletes.”

He continues,

“It takes an athlete like myself who is elite at football to come to this sport and be humbled like this and what those guys do… my hat’s off to you. Much respect.”

Ochocinco is one of the most confident man to ever wear an NFL jersey. He went through his whole life getting hit hard and exposing his body to training camps, intense workouts and fighting through injuries.

For him to be humbled as much as he was after merely one second of riding says a lot about the sport of bull riding and those who maybe are not watching. I couldn’t agree more with what he had to say the new audiences watching PBR for the first time,

“I’m bringing a different viewing audience to PBR and allowing them to see how serious this sport is and it does not get the respect it deserves. What I saw tonight was ridiculous… what I felt tonight was ridiculous. When I said they should be the highest paid athletes, there’s a reason for that”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pg3eO3oGvtg]

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