These are the stories we need. NFL legend/touchdown celebration legend Chad Johnson paid off a random fan’s eviction notice. Chad has been a living legend for years, and he continues to years after playing.

If you’re not following Chad on twitter, you should, he is just as entertaining on social media as he was when he would catch touchdowns. And to add on top of it all? He constantly is giving back and interacting with fans. He has been known for being “cheap as hell” as his bio state… But that does’t stop the big heart of the former football star.

Afterwards Chad replied saying to send him the notice. Which he must of then moments later the Twitter user posted his PayPal balance, which was sitting at more than $1,500.

What a move. Thanks you for being you Chad Ochocinco Johnson.

Hopefully this can put the person who was getting evicted back on their feel. Chad has been known for helping people through tough times. Congrats on what you do. Chad, I normally don’t smoke cigars, but I will if you send one of those fatties.

But I tell you what stud, we put a little bit of green in those suckers and I’ll smoke a billion of them.

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