CFP Expansion for 2024 in Jeopardy? Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby believes so.

Written by PJG203

Speaking Saturday to reporters before the Big 12 Championship game between No. 5 Oklahoma State and No. 9 Baylor, Big 12 Commissioner, Bob Bowlsby was asked about the potential new format. According to Bowlsby, the expansion could be in “some jeapoardy”.

“Well, just for purely logistical reasons year 11 (2024) is probably in some jeopardy at this point, just because there’s good and appropriate things you have to do in order to host the games,” Bowlsby exclaimed.

The CFP management committee met early this week in Dallas and could not reach consensus on a proposal to potentially expand the playoff from four to 12 teams.

“I think it’s also a possibility that we wouldn’t be able to do it for year 12 (2025) and we’ll be talking about what do we do in year 13 and beyond because you know, for all intents and purposes, the CFP goes away (after 2025). There is no operating agreement beyond 2025-26 and there are no contracts that bind us beyond ’25-26,” Bowlsby added.

Currently, it takes consensus of all 11 members of the management committee to move forward on a playoff proposal

The next scheduled meeting of the commissioners and the presidents is around the national championship game in Indianapolis on Jan. 10.

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