CFB Week 2 Winners and Losers


Oregon was a big winner in week 2.  After barely beating Fresno State at home last week, the Ducks came in as over a 2 TD underdog on the road against Ohio State.  Oregon came out and ran the ball down the Buckeye’s throat.  The defense made stops when needed, and Oregon added a very impressive win to their CFB Playoff resume.

BYU had a huge week both on and off the field.  Off the field, BYU added itself to the BIG 12 conference.  Being in a conference like the BIG 12 will give BYU the games they need year after year to allow themselves to be potentially involved in playoff conversations.  On the field, BYU defeated their rival Utah for the first time in 9 years.  After the departure of Zach Willson, there were a lot of questions as to what the Cougars team would look like this year.  Very nice weekend for the fighting Mormons.

Michigan had a nice week for themselves.  After a blowout week 1 win, a lot of people wondered how Michigan would perform against a more legit team in Washington.  This game lost a lot of spark as Washington lost to Montana last week.  Nonetheless, Michigan took care of business and will find themselves in the top 25 again.  With a loaded BIG 10 schedule, Michigan has the potential to insert their program into the college football playoff conversation this season.  On top of this, Ohio State lost.


Texas is not back.  God damn it.  Texas was one of my winners last week.  The young team took care of a veteran ULL squad last week.  With Texas adding itself into the SEC in the coming years, this game against a lower-tier SEC team in Arkansas was huge for the Longhorns to make a statement.  Instead, Texas got killed.  Arkansas ran all over UT and gave them a taste of what it would be like in the SEC.  Texas should not be feeling good. Imagine losing this game, and then your next 3 games are at Florida, Alabama, and at Texas A&M. Pain.

Talk about not back, Florida State STINKS.  After playing Notre Dame much closer than expected last week, there was some slight optimism for FSU.  After all, when playing Notre Dame last year, the Noles lost by roughly 400 points.  But then last week, the Fighting Irish was pushed to OT to take down FSU.  So there was cautious optimism.  Not anymore.  Jacksonville State came into FSU and took down the Seminoles on a Hail Mary as time expired.  With UCF being added into a power 5 conference recruiting is just going to get harder.  Bad week to be a Seminole.

Ohio State needs a little help. Now, this is an example of being a loser as far as top-tier programs are concerned. Ohio State will likely still win the BIG 10 and make a huge bowl game. But their playoff hopes took a big hit. Losing at home is never great, even if it is a pretty good Oregon team. With Alabama, Georgia, Oregon, Oklahoma, and Clemson all looking sharp early in the year, the Buckeyes are going to need a little help to sneak in the playoff. The schedule makes it possible. With games against Penn St, Michigan, Michigan State, and potentially Wisconsin or Iowa in the BIG 10 title game, there is a path for the Buckeyes. But this was not a good weekend for OSU.

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