CFB Halfway Reflection

Written by Scal

We are halfway through the college football season. 6 weeks down, 6 weeks to go. A lot has happened. There are many teams that have exceeded expectations, and many teams that have drastically underperformed. Obviously there is still a lot of football left, but how does the country look after 6 weeks.

The BIG 10 is the conference that has exceeded expectations. Ohio St, Michigan, Iowa, Penn St, and Michigan St are all in positions to contend for playoff spots. At least 1, maybe even 2 of these teams are going to be in the postseason if I had to guess. Even the teams that aren’t in contention like Rutgers and Purdue are very good.

The ACC is poop! Clemson has shown that they are not the same as they were with Watson or Lawrence. North Carolina has been a huge disappointment, as has Miami. Florida St has not figured it out yet. The only bright spots are NCST (I told y’all this would happen I gave out their win total over) and then Wake Forest. Disappointing for a conference that had some rather high expectation.

The SEC is just Georgia and Bama. Georgia is without a doubt the best team in the country. The defense is so good. The offense is good enough. They will be winning the national title this year unless Bama does. Did Bama lose? Yea. That was good for me, under 11.5 wins baby. But make no mistake. Bama is still very very good. Saban rarely loses twice in a season, so expect the Tide to be there in the end.

The group of 5 has a few teams going strong. Cincinnati should be a playoff team unless they lose. They got the wins to stand out, enough other teams have lost, and they deserve this shot. BYU has had a great year beating a few power 5 teams. Joining the BIG 12 soon, BYU may have some opportunities to be a playoff team in the future. Good old Costal Carolina is looking to continue the greatness. Hopefully they play some big teams later this year and we get the chance to see what they got.

Through week 6 my playoff prediction is

1 Georgia. 2 Oklahoma. 3 Cincinnati. 4 Ohio St.

Georgia will run the table and beat Alabama in the SEC title game handing the Tide their 2nd loss and knocking them out of the playoff. Oklahoma is not the 2nd the best team, but they will run the table and therefore get in by default. Cincinnati will be the first G5 team to be in the postseason by going undefeated. Ohio St is tricky. They will beat Michigan St, Penn St, and then Michigan to get to a BIG 10 title game against Iowa. That will essentially be s playoff game. I love Iowa and want them to win, but too much talent for Ohio St.

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