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Celtics vs. Pacers: Game 3

Written by Connor McLoughlin

It’s “do or die” now for the Indiana Pacers, as the Boston Celtics have taken a commanding 3-0 lead in the first round of the playoffs. There was a lot I enjoyed about this game, most of which was in the second half. The final score being 104-96 the Pacers were holding on there for a bit during the 2nd and 3rd quarters of the game, but ultimately came up short in the end.

Jaylen Brown was the star of the game as he scored the most points that being 23 and his overall physicality against the defensive end. I love this from Brown, I need more aggressive and he’ll absolutely dominate! What was also amazing to see was that of the power duo of Kyrie and Tatum, they were going off and the internet was comparing them to some other great duos that were in the league way back when like LeBron and Wade. If they keep this momentum going, I think we’ll be unstoppable and hopefully have another tropphhyyyy.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and I just hate the idea of having games on big holidays like this, but I can’t do anything about that so whatever. The fact that the game is at 1 PM tomorrow is absurd, can easily make this a night game, but no. Being up 3-0 we begin to have some pressure as to not blow a 3-0 lead in the first round and I know we won’t but there is always that chance. I just wanna see that the Celtics brought the brooms for the end of the game tomorrow 🧹 🧹 🧹 🧹


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