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Celtics vs. Pacers: Game 2

Celtics take a 2-0 first round series lead against the Indiana Pacers tonight with a final score of 99-91. WHAT👏🏼 A👏🏼 GAME👏🏼 This game had its ups and downs in the third quarter, but the Celtics weren’t going down without a fight and neither was Indiana. With being down as much by 12 points in the third quarter; the Celtics came back 32-12 in the fourth!

Kyrie “Cosmic Energy” Irving. That was the difference tonight. F**k you three pointers for days! Ended the game with 37 points. Jayson Tatum also had quite a night with 26 points and also had amazing plays. Now, even though Al Horford wasn’t feeling too hot tonight, he did have an amazing block against Bogdanović.

Not gonna lie though, this game came down to the final minutes because of how tough Indiana was playing. It felt like they were giving it their everything. The series isn’t over though; yes, we have a 93.4% of winning this series now because we’re 2-0 according to ESPN. Indiana is a tough place and now we don’t have the home court advantage so hopefully we take our confidence level up to a whole new level and keep that controlled to get that sweep.

What I also thought helped to tonight was that of having Patriot players/ Bill Belichick in the Garden supporting the C’s.

Game three is Friday night at 8:30PM


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