Boston Celtics

Celtics Took Bulls by The Horns

Written by Connor McLoughlin

After a gruesome road trip ending 1-4, the Boston Celtics were back at the TD Garden tonight where they faced the Chicago Bulls and they certainly did not disappoint this time around. With a final score of 111-82, the Celtics were probably the most aggressive I’ve seen in a while.

With only 18 points, Jaylen Brown was the clear player of the game, but because of how aggressively he played; kept away from shooting threes and stuck with the ball in moving into the paint for two for most of the game. What’s also amazing is that all five Celtics starters had 10+ points which is pretty cool. I loved the energy of the Celtics tonight, but they’re gonna need a lot more energy to face Kwahi Leonard and the Toronto Raptors on Friday.

I think tonight was a good game to come back to after that road trip, but I also think the team is trying to find out their roles, especially with Gordon Hayward thrown back into the mix, but I think by Christmas we’ll be seeing a better Celtics team than we did last year.

P.S. Shout out Alex Cora who signed through 2021, probably 2022!


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