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Celtics Stunned by Smoke & Mirrors

Written by Connor McLoughlin

Celtics Stunned by Smoke & Mirrors

In what was an up and down game all night, the Boston Celtics add to their losses tonight against the Orlando Magic losing 105-103. This game came down to the wire, with a confusing play at the end with Jayson Tatum going for the game winning three-pointer, yet Kyrie thought he was gonna get the ball from Gordon Hayward? Kyrie was not happy after that last play and thought it was going to play out differently, yes, but that was not the game defining play of the night. It was the defense.

Like Kyle Draper and Chris Mannix were discussing in post-game live, the defense was all over the place: they were locked in and were crumbling, they were locked in and were crumbling. The Celtics need to address this, because when the second half of the season starts to form, you’re gonna be worried about your seed that’s what happened a couple of years ago where we had to go down to Miami for the first round of playoffs.

Granted, Kyrie had 25 points tonight, but the three-point percentage was at SEVEN PERCENT in the second half! Along with that in the fourth quarter the Celtics let the Magic have a 19-4 run which I would say was their ultimate demise. And finally, the Celtics’ free throws were 19-28 whereas the Magic’s was 22-24: these👏🏼 points👏🏼 matter👏🏼

“We’re just not there yet.” -Brad Stevens…


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