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Celtics Snip the Nets

Written by Connor McLoughlin

Celtics Snip the Nets

After their first meeting of this season, the Boston Celtics beat the Brooklyn Nets 116-95. It was an exciting game, where eights players from the Celtics scored double digit points and the chemistry between players was on point 👌🏼

Kyrie Irving was the player of the game being back after suffering from a scratched retina scoring 17 points (also the colorways of his Kyrie 5s are just blazing hot 🔥)! The play of the game has to go to Daniel Theis and Kyrie with the assist. The chemistry between players tonight was phenomenal. Some other notable plays that were made tonight was from Jayson Tatum with that nice breakaway dunk along with Robby Williams in the fourth.

With tonight’s win marks ten straight wins against facing The Brooklyn Nets, which just shows that the Nets are not playing to their strengths at all. Next up the Celtics are gonna face the Indiana Pacers, who’ve proven themselves worthy against the Celtics this season, so it will be interesting to see what happens.


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