Boston Celtics

Celtics Send Pistons to Junkyard

Written by Connor McLoughlin

After securing their fifth straight win and back-to-back win against the Pistons, the Celtics have found their groove and Kyrie is BACK scoring straight 🔥 three’s. although there was a difference between the previous game against Blake Griffin in Detroit days before, the Pistons were a lot more aggressive and the game was a lot closer.

Like previously stated, Kyrie is feeling himself after shedding weight with his new haircut (and actual weight after getting back in shape) form previously shooting two points on Saturday against the Pistons. I think this is great Kyrie’s playing ability affects everyone else on the team, if Kyrie isn’t having it, then nobody is, so thank God he is back.

Another thing noticed tonight, the relationship between Al Horford and Gordon Hayward is amazing! They were both coming onto the court in the third quarter and moments later they’re threading the needle and dunking on the Pistons defense, absolutely ruthless, should’ve been doing that all night long. I’m excited to see what else these two can do later on in the season.

I saw a lot of fouls in defense though on both sides. Kyrie had four personal fouls by the third, he has to work on that for the upcoming weeks and I think the team as a whole need to work on getting those rebounds. Great last few games though.

P.S. Shout out Marcus Morris for being of the most consistent players on the Celtics the past few weeks!


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