Boston Celtics

Celtics Round Up the Cavs

In their final matchup of the regular season, the Celtics come out on top with a win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. The final score being 116-106, it was a close one at times throughout the third and even throughout the fourth quarter, but the Celtics were able to secure the lead in the end.

What was surprising about this game was the amount of communication between the Celtics; with no Kyrie Irving Tatum and Rozier stepped up, along with Jaylen brown and Horford. All players were more physical than what we’ve been seeing lately and that’s amazing, that’s how you’re going to be able to get to the basket in the end and points matter lmfao.

This kind of momentum needs to pick up more because without it, I seriously doubt that the Celtics will go very far in the playoffs and that’s just going to lead to major changes in the off season (even though we already know that’s going to happen after the performance put on by this season) 🙃

Let’s just hope that the Celtics can get a few more wins and other teams can lose the last few and we’ll be Gucci.

P.S. I hate the blue/ orange Cavs uni’s and my insider Cavs friend hates them too 🤮


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