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Celtics Round Up Mavericks

Written by Connor McLoughlin

Celtics Round Up Mavericks

With a final Score of 114-93, the Boston Celtics were able to keep their lead over the Dallas Mavericks throughout the night. The Player of the goes to Gordon Hayward who was just 2 assists away from having his first triple double (16-11-8). Tonight’s game was very aggressive both offensively and defensively if I do say so myself.

The Celtics were playing aggressive as hell tonight and I loved it. Both making shots and being physical were the keys to the players success tonight. Brad Wanamaker and Terry Rozier were electric tonight making three-pointers along with Al Horford and Jaylen Brown being the power players tonight. Brown had 21 points tonight and he was probably the most physical I’ve seen him lately, that’s what he needs to be, because he is able to do it in such a way that throws the opposing team off their game.

It was rebound city tonight for the Celtics as well, as they had 24 rebounds off the bench from Hayward and Wanamaker. This was contributing factor as these rebounds were turned into threes.

Kyrie is still out from his scratched retina but is feeling better every day; not sure when he will be back though and Baynes is still out for a few more weeks because of his broken left hand.


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