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Celtics Play Cool Against Heat

Written by Connor McLoughlin

Last night was special night for both the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat. First off, Al Horford achieved his second career triple double, but this one was his first with the Boston Celtics. Secondly, Dwayne Wade played his last game on the parquet last night and its special because his first game was played on the parquet as well. As a token of appreciate for all of his milestones with the NBA the Celtics Organization gifted him a piece of the floor and it was a really nice tribute to him to be honest. Also, Marcus Smart was the receiver of the Red Auerbach Award; “Given to the Celtics player or coach who best exemplifies the spirit of what it means to be a Celtic through exceptional performance on and off the court” in this case Marcus Smart.

Anyways, back to last night’s game! With the final score being 110-105, the Boston Celtics were able to come away with a win against the Miami Heat. The game started off strong as the Celtics took a major lead, but towards the third and fourth quarters the game became tied and looked like things were heading south, per usual. Eventually with Horford and Kyrie getting a triple double and 25 points likewise they were able to come up with the win.

This is what the Celtics need to be, a cooperative fluid team that can get triple doubles and points and being aggressive to get in the paint. The Celtics will finish their series with the Miami Heat tomorrow in Florida.


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