Boston Celtics

Celtics Knock Knicks

Written by Connor McLoughlin

The Boston Celtics redeem themselves against the New York Knicks with a final score of 128-100 tonight at the TD Garden. Everything flowing smoothly with the great leadership led by Kyrie Irving and company. Jaylen Brown was the player of the game in my eyes, after coming off of an injury a few weeks ago, and absolutely killed it on the court with 21 points, three rebounds and 2 assists.

I was astounded at how this Celtics team looked tonight. Tying their longest win streak tonight (4), the question to ask is how much longer is this team able to keep this streak going? The Celtics are averaging 120+ points within these past four games and I think that would be due to their pace of play which is what Brad Stevens also said in his post-game interview as well.

Stevens was also asked about the starting lineup and if it was solidified for the season more or less and he replied that nothing is solidified yet and they are still working on that aspect of the team, since it has only been two weeks since their last bad beat. Stevens also added that, “You’re not as good as you think you are and you’re not as bad as you think you are.” LOVE THIS QUOTE, it just says that Brad has something up his sleeves with this Celtics team, they’re gonna be making BIG plays within the coming months and hopefully the playoffs!

Next up, the Chicago Bulls in Chicago on Saturday. Wondering how this game is gonna play out since Chicago fired their head coach Fred Hoiberg earlier this week, just as recovering players are about to come back to play 👀


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