Boston Celtics

Celtics Have to Step Up

Written by Connor McLoughlin

Tonight, the Celtics are now 2-1 after just beating the Knicks in a close game 103-101; but that is not the issue here, the issue at hand is that everyone on the team is gonna have to step up because we already have injuries just a few games in.

Gordon Hayward didn’t play because he is resting his left ankle and it just reminds you of his gruesome “Kevin Ware” like injury from game 1 during last year’s season and in do not want anything like that to happen again.

Also, Aron Baynes might have pulled something in tonight’s game as he asked to be subbed off and then proceeded to the locker room and did not make it back, but more on that within the coming days.

Now that these two key players are questionable, I believe Morris, Rozier and Smart are the next big three that are going to have to put in the hard work to make sure that this team is stable for the season if worse comes to worst. Rozier hasn’t confirmed whether or not he will be staying, and I think this is his time to shine to prove his worth to everyone on the team that he is in it for the long run.

P.S. 20-year-old Tatum is averaging 20+ ppg, but he’s humbled in his on-court interview stating that it is only the 3rd game of the season. NBD.


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