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Celtics Get Bucked Up

Written by Connor McLoughlin

What started out as a great game, with a quick 10-1 run for the Boston Celtics it came to a halt for the duration of the game, as the Milwaukee Bucks kicked it up a gear… or two. With a final score of 120-107, the Celtics walked off with aggravated looks as they were consistently down by 11 points more or less. However, there were some great plays made by the Celtics tonight.

What I saw throughout tonight’s game was that when the Celtics had a clear opportunity for a basket, they ultimately failed, and the Bucks answered right away with a three pointer. This a concern of mine, the Celtics aren’t gonna win games if they can’t follow through with these types of plays and if the opposing team scores a three pointer for every failed attempt that the Celtics have, then they should just quit now 😰 On the other hand there were immense plays in the third quarter from Jaylen Brown.

Jaylen Brown went absolutely off in the third with a left hammer dunk through the Bucks’ defense and again shortly after to get the TD Garden ROARING; but like Chris Forsberg said, “Maybe he shouldn’t be flexing if they’re down 15 🤷🏻‍♂️” and I completely agree, but also you have to hype your team up somehow. Overall, the Celtics didn’t play well and lost the game early. Hopefully the Celtics can find answers to how to make baskets and not let the lead be lost off of rebounds.


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