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Celtics Fight for the Win

Written by Connor McLoughlin

Celtics Fight for the Win

After being down by 16 points, the Celtics managed to get the win after a very close and dramatic game with the final score being 113-105. This game for the Celtics was an important one: it’s their first road win of the year; it’s their third straight win; and it was a back to back win as well.

Kyrie Irving had 32 points tonight, again being the backbone of the Celtics; and then Jayson Tatum had 19 points as well. What was really good in tonight’s game was that of the defense and the amount of turnovers that the Celtics were able to pickoff from the Hawks.

Marcus Smart will definitely be trending for the next couple of games for the Celtics because he was in a fight tonight with the Hawks because of a technical and he left the court and possibly suspendered a game; he got the ball moving tonight and had a ton of energy and makes a big difference for this Celtics team. I’m excited to see what happens within the team dynamic because of this little incident.


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