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Celtics Feelin’ the Blues Tonight

Written by Connor McLoughlin

The Boston Celtics couldn’t get ahead to secure a win against the Utah Jazz after falling 123-115. Kyrie Irving missed tonight’s game after a personal family matter (hopefully everything is alright) and so Terry Rozier took his starting place to get a season high of 22 points. What was the major talk about this game tonight was Gordon Hayward and Jae Crowder.

For the first time back playing against his first team, Gordon Hayward was welcomed back with plenty of “boos” and hate because the leaving of Hayward went down badly and the Mormons over in Utah did not take it very well, but hey, that sometimes happens to everyone. Jae crowder played like he was a GD tank tonight, aggressive as hell and it worked. I think this was a great game just because of those matchups in the game, with Crowder and Hayward playing against former teammates.

Even though the Celtics have taken a toll on this nine-day, 5 game road trip, I think that they’re learning what their weaknesses are and that they can work on them come later in the season. Now, as they prepare for the final game against the Portland Trailblazers, hopefully with Kyrie back there will be a lot more communication between players and an aggressive Celtics team will present.

P.S. I think the Celtics should get nice fade jerseys like the Jazz, I mean those were probably the best part of the game, beside the eccentric Jazz fan


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