Celtics Fans Are Turning On Jayson Tatum? What is Happening

Written by schultzyca

When you look up the word ‘degenerate’ in the dictionary the first thing that pops up is Boston sports fans; Red Soxs, Patriots, and Celtics all included

I mean they must have the lowest IQ collectively in the sports fan world. Bitching and moaning about every little thing and now I am seeing things on my timeline of Celtics fans wanting to get rid of Jayson Tatum? What is happening?

Celtics fans and that organization don’t deserve that man anyway, dude is a franchise player and superstar and they don’t value him like that and it is beyond me. If this has any truth to it the Knicks need to offer all the first round picks they have acquired in recent years and get this man. Simple as that. How dumb do Boston fans have to be to want this man out? Didn’t they just extend him for like the next five years?

My head is hurting reading some tweets so I can come to the conclusion if this is how a majority of Celtics fans feel. If the fans could have it their way they would want to draft every white player on Gonzaga and build a team around them and Payton Pritchard. I mean give me a break

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