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Celtics Fail to Cut the Nets

After coming off a win against the Indiana Pacers last night, the Boston Celtics lose against the Brooklyn Nets tonight. Final score being 110-96, the Celtics were not able to get a win streak going at the tail end of their regular season. Although the game seemed to be in the Celtics hand within the first quarter and a half, that quickly became fantasy, as the game was tied towards the end of the first half and beginning of the third quarter.

The third quarter was where the Celtics completely lost the game. Pulling a 180, the Celtics defense fell apart and that’s where the game ultimately starts and ends. Losing for the fifth time in seven games, this is not what I wanted for the Celtics heading into the playoffs. Yes, Kyrie Irving and al Horford were out tonight due to back and knee injuries; but that means players need to step up and I did not see that compared to last night’s performance.

I think the one player that should’ve stepped up tonight and didn’t was Scary Terry Rozier. Underperformed in all areas tonight, just pathetic really. What he did last year was amazing and that was showing throughout this season, but nowhere near to the extent it was last year. Brad Stevens even said it last night, “We need to be better for the playoffs” and I could agree more! “There are five games left to go and I’m not sure what to expect from them” Is what Kyle Draper had to say about what’s to come within the next couple of weeks and I’m curious to see when the Celtics are going to kick up a couple of gears…

The Celtics will face off against Miami on Monday


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