The Boston Celtics have now lost their fourth (4th) game in a row and tonight it was at home at the TD Garden again the Portland Trail Blazers. With the final score of 97-92 this was a close game. Gonna be honest, there were some great plays in this game from the Celtics, but ultimately, they failed.

The first half was great for the Celtics, but Portland took control in the third. The players that got the crowd going tonight were Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown. They were physical, and it showed which lead to points. Smart was also taking it upon himself to be all over the court with covering every position.

Size does matter, according to head coach Brad Stevens. This is in reference to his hallway interview after the game where he was asked about how Portland dominated the rebounds; I do say though, that Boston had some nice steals from Portland when they couldn’t handle a few rebounds.

The players of the game were Damian Lillard from Portland with 33 points and Kyrie Irving with 31 points.

Now the Celtics will hopefully prepare accordingly against John Wall and the Washington Wizards on Friday again at the Garden.



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