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Celtics Exterminated Hornets

Written by Connor McLoughlin

Celtics Exterminated Hornets

With a final score of 119-103, the Boston Celtics were able to get back into the win column tonight against the Charlotte Hornets, who have the nicest court in my opinion. I was in attendance for tonight’s game actually, got poor people seats which were pretty good I’d say. There was a lot of cosmic energy for tonight’s game according to Kyrie Irving, since being in a closed locker room longer than expected the past few nights of previous games.

I was glad to see Al Horford back after being questionable from an injury, saw a lot of great plays from him tonight as well. The first start of the game went amazingly well, where the Celtics went on a 9-0 run before the Hornets finally made a basket.

In addition to the great start that the Celtics had, their passing game was also great tonight! Like, WOW didn’t have too many turnovers and whenever Charlotte scored, the Celtics answered big time with multiple three pointers!

P.S. How the hell are these kids good at Fortnite dances?!


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