Boston Celtics

Celtics Dominate Cavs

Written by Connor McLoughlin

Warning: Barely saw this game! With a final score of 128-95 the Celtics win against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Tbh I thought this game was starting at 8 and I could get home from work by 8:30 to see most of it, but SIKE it started earlier, and I saw like the ten minutes 🙃

The game was apparently tied at 47 points at some point during the game, and then the Celtics exploded and kicked their game into overdrive and established a solid lead. Kyrie led the Celtics with 29 points tonight and were throwing three pointers at 50%!

Was excited to hear that the Celtics have found their rhythm and can finally (hopefully) keep this momentum up and just continuously work together without any hiccups during their games!

P.S. Glad to see Kyle Korver got traded, he was dangerous against the Celtics during the playoffs last season 😈


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