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Celtics Come Up Short at Indy

Written by Connor McLoughlin

Close game. The Indiana Pacers come out on top just one point ahead the Boston Celtics with a final score of 102-101, with Victor Oladipo shooting the game winning three with seconds left. I had a bad feeling about this game within the first quarter, where the Celtics decided to just shoot three pointers and miss them all! Other than that, I think the main problems tonight were the number of turnovers and the lack of defense.

Throughout the game, the Celtics were rushing their passes and that led to them being turned over to Indiana, where they scored most of their points. I think that the Celtics need to take a couple extra seconds to look for good passing opportunities when they have the ball and it would lead to better execution of their plays.

As for the Celtics defense, that is a different story. The defense needs to be more aggressive and not be pushed around so much that they give up points and lose the lead, having to fight back. What would be a nice improvement will take some time though and I doubt we’ll see a consistent improvement until later on in this season.

When Kyrie Irving shot those back-to-back three pointers in the 4th quarter, the Celtics had this game wrapped! But alas with the last minute three from Victor Oladipo, reassuring head coach Brad Stevens that Indianapolis isn’t going down without a fight… hopefully the rest of this five-game road trip will play out better.

P.S. Both of the Marcus’ (Morris; Smart) looked great tonight, excited to see what else they can do this season


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