Boston Celtics

Celtics Clip Hawks

Written by Connor McLoughlin

Warning: I only saw the second half of this game. Final score of 114-96 the Boston Celtics have a win under their belt against the Atlanta Hawks. The Celtics played with great pace throughout the first half according to Coach Brad Stevens and in addition scored 45 points within that first quarter as well

Kyrie only played roughly half the game with 21-ish minutes and that’s fair seeming that this road trip consists of three games in four days. What was great to see was that six players were able to make it into the double figures.

Back to the pace of game though… AMAZING! That is what should have been happening all along, this Celtics team just needs to channel this energy for the next few games to get used to it and I think that the Celtics will be back in action.

I’m excited to see how the Celtics face up against the Dallas Mavericks tomorrow night 🤔


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