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Celtics Can’t Handle the Heat

Written by Connor McLoughlin

Celtics Can’t Handle the Heat

The Boston Celtics were feeling the burn tonight against the Miami Heat, as they were just shooting off three-pointers like it was their job and the Celtics just couldn’t keep up. This game wasn’t gonna be a win for the C’s from the moment they started warming up, they were all just shooting from outside the arch instead of running drills, like they have been their last seven games 🤷🏻‍♂️

With the final score being 99-115, the Celtics were behind a majority if not the entire game. Although the Celtics started to play more aggressively in the third quarter and managed to cut the lead way down, they ultimately were unsuccessful. What I did notice though from the start of the second half besides playing more physically, Robert Williams III. Timelord gave more life to the Celtics as they picked up the pace of play for the rest of the game, in addition to Marcus Morris Sr. and Kyrie as well.

Overall, I think that Dan Greenberg said it best when looking at this loss with the following matchups

We will see if the Celtics can get back to where they were like in their last few games!


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