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Celtics Can’t Get Lift Off

After yet another disappointing game put up by the Boston Celtics they have lost again, this time to James Harden and the Houston Rockets. This is upsetting to me and most fans because of Jayson Tatum, it’s the kids 21st birthday and he is celebrating it with a loss, not ideal if you ask me.

At one point during the game the Celtics were down by 20ish points, but ultimately ended up bringing the final difference to 11. I’m not really sure what has to happen here now, the team needs to focus more and be more aggressive. I mean there was no way that James Harden was going to be stopped; he had double coverage on him and managed to drain a three-pointer bringing him to 42 points in today’s game, but he also managed to get 5 fouls against him.

Kyrie had 24 points today and I’m starting to think he wants nothing to do with the Celtics come next year if the team doesn’t get their shit together. Actually, I think a good number of players will not be returning if that is the case. Also, I heard from my father that Stevens might not be coach next year, but I will have to conduct my own research on that theory.


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